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Horses Healing Veterans

Ralph Hill Clinic

8 – 2 – 2015
Ranch Horse Gallop to Bowling Green, Kentucky for World Show

East Coast Reined Cow Horse Classic

Country Music Cutting Horse Association


07 – 03 – 2015
WTQHA Summer Show Trots to Franklin, Tenn

06 – 03 – 2015
Volunteer Ranch Horse Association

Franklin Rodeo

05 – 02 – 2015
Jaeckle Equestrian Centre presents Ralph Hill

WTQHA Spring Fling Show

10 – 02 – 2015
Brownland Farm Fall I & II Shows

Cowboys Shoot Em’ Up in the ‘Boro’

11 – 03 – 2015
MTPC Horse Trials

Brownland Farm Jumps into Fall Shows

12 – 01 – 2015
Jaeckle Centre Fall Show

Stones River Pony Club

Volunteer Ranch Horse Association Reins in with Fall Show

Bass Musician Magazine

It’s all about that bass…no treble…
That is what we thought when we met cancer survivor and goddess, Sonya.  She is truly a goddess with her grace, natural beauty and spunk!  She has recently received a sponsorship by Rocklin Guitars, with a gorgeous new bass!

We felt that great news should be celebrated and invited her to use the bass not just as a prop in her upcoming photo shoot, but also in the runway show itself.  I decided to take it one step further and share this news with Bass Magazine, who has decided to tell the world about our event!

Check out this link for full article…



Health & Fitness


Nashville on Ice

Nashville might be a toasty-Southern city, but thanks to world-class skaters, including the Nashville Predators hockey team calling Centennial Sportsplex home, music city offers an icy activity all year round. With two skating rinks at Centennial Sportsplex, both for novices and experts alike, anyone can take advantage of learning how to skate.

The Nashville Skating Academy, which operates out of the Centennial Sportsplex, helps both competitive and recreational skaters reach their goals. With 200 students in the academy’s Learn to Skate Program and approximately 100 elite athletes training, the Centennial Sportsplex ice gets a lot of action. The academy’s elite athletes participate in private lessons and have access to accomplished coaches, for example; Bert Cording is a US National and International Medalist. Whether your sights are set on competitive or recreational skating, Nashville Skating Academy has the environment for you to succeed. Laura Holzman, the director and owner of the Nashville Skating Academy, has taken competitors to the National Figure Skating Championship 25 years in a row .

Of course, you don’t have to know how to do a triple Lutz or be skilled at shooting goals to enjoy Nashville’s skating scene, and you can start at any age. Newbies, young and old, can join the fun and improve their strength, balance and coordination. Nashville Skating Academy even has students who are in their 60’s. Best of all, with Nashville offering year-round ice, skating allows you to escape from the summer heat.

If the fear of falling is keeping you from trying out ice skating, fear no more. The coaches work with you to take that fear away. How are they able to successfully take on such a task? By going out on the ice and falling with you. Falling on the ice is a lot less intimidating than falling on the floor of your own home. They instruct you to lower your center of gravity and get closer to the ice if you feel unstable. If you do fall, you have the benefit of sliding, whereas on a hardwood or carpeted floor you land where you fall. Skaters do a lot of falling; there is not a single Olympic skater who has gotten that far in his or her career without falling.

Adults who want to take up ice skating lesson are placed in lessons with other adults. Students develop friendships through their ice skating experience. A group of women, who call themselves, “Babes on Ice” get together to skate after the elite athletes go to school in the morning.

Younger skaters and college students can take advantage of their school programs if they have them. Belmont University has a program, and Vanderbilt University has a club, for example.

Having the practice ice for Nashville’s NHL Predators team at Centennial Sportsplex has helped The Nashville Skating Academy program grow. The Winter Olympics is a promotional opportunity as well. Every four years, the academy gets a burst of new students joining, who aspire to be like the impressive athletes they see on television.

The skating rink is open for private and group lessons: Monday 10:00am – 6:30 pm, Tuesday 1:00pm – 7:00pm, Wednesday 9:00am – 6:00pm, Thursday 1:00pm – 7:00pm, Friday 9:00am – 5:30pm, Saturday 8:30am – 12:30pm. Contact The Nashville Skating Academy for more details and information.



Health Coaches Help Find Your Balance

Implementing lifestyle changes can be quite hard—especially with an endless option of diets, workouts, food fads, and internet chatter. After you have tried an endless list of diets, workouts, food fads, you feel worse off than when the process began. When life puts us into a mess with our health, stress, our job, at the end of the day nothing seems to balance out right. Where do you begin to find someone who can help lead the way through the pile of cupcake wrappers, yoga and dance dvd’s? To serve as the beacon to guide you along the balance beam of life, there are Health Coaches. When it comes to being vulnerable and trusting someone with those personal health choices, being able to connect and relate to them is key.

Elizabeth and Rachel Moore are sisters, balance seekers and lovers of food. They have a not-a- kale-chip-on-a-marble-countertop kind of philosophy when it comes to health coaching. Their Instagram account showcases how open they are about their own struggles trying to make it in this world. That openness demonstrates that the Moores can relate to what their clients are going through.

When it comes to health coaching, Rachel and Elizabeth draw on their life experiences. Rachel, for example, struggled with yoyo dieting. She was always looking for a quick fix. She’d jump on the latest fad and then binge on a bag of chips. When she finally realized that lifestyle changes rather than diets made her feel better, she began to care about overall health rather than satisfying cravings. She did not realize she wasn’t operating well until she made those changes.
Where Elizabeth, found herself sick all the time and living unbalanced as she suffered from debilitated eating disorders throughout high school and college. Working through their own life’s issues they have found a way to be successful with their health. This brought on a passion to share their experiences and knowledge with others.

The sisters get their inspiration from someone special, their Dad, J Paul Moore. Rachel further explains how their Dad is someone who has always been in tune with nature, and understands the fundamental connection of what you put into your body and how you feel.

Rachel and Elizabeth have simple go-to advice that they learned from Michael Pollan. “Eat food, mostly plants, not too much”. Elizabeth credits him as being their food god. Eating as close to the earth and as clean as you can will help you get onto the right track. Drink lots of water and get a lot of sleep. The basics which we have all heard over and over, it all takes time. During the process of introducing new ideas and routine be forgiving to yourself.

When it comes to educating their clients, they let the clients lead the direction the way they want to go. They work with the belief that you already have the answers inside of you. It is their job to bring that to the surface, and that is done through motivational interviewing, guided meditation and sometimes a journaling exercise. It takes someone who is willing to listen and gently push you in the direction you need to go. Elizabeth adds, “If you need deeper help, we suggest a counselor, we do not solve that problem.”
By taking baby steps into your journey, their gentle spirits guide you. By adding in incremental changes with smoothies, drinking more water, going to yoga three times a week, they fill you with healthy habits. Instead of making the experience negative their goals are to set the situation up for success. By taking these steps into a journey of healthy living the positive new habits will crowd out the unhealthy ones.

Elizabeth and Rachel are not your cookie cutter health coaches. However, that is what makes them dynamic. Their ability to be incredibly open and honest about their life experiences, their personal opinions on food, and healthy ways of living and eating opens up a level of vulnerability and trust. With warmth that wraps around you like a hug, Elizabeth adds, “You are full and enough and beautiful and you should do whatever you want to do in life!” Now those are words we should all live by.

11 – 3 – 2015


Music Articles


Bass Musician Magazine 12019423

Rocklin Guitar LC features their new Solstice Bass, a limited production electric bass, at Goddesses Against Cancer…

A bass is a sexy instrument, low tones gets everyone a moving and a grooving.  Put that instrument in the hands of a beautiful woman who knows how to play it, and now you’ve got something.  Sonya Nobles Dukett loves music and the bass is her instrument of choice.  She has been on the receiving end of a sponsorship with Rocklin Guitar LLC and her bass is on its way. While Sonya is not only a fantastic bass player, she is a survivor, a cancer survivor.  With a talent for music, she also has a giving heart and she will be modeling in a Fashion Runway Show, Goddesses Against Cancer.  LaCresha Kolba Photography is sponsoring a Fashion Runway Show which is raising money for cancer survivors in Middle Tennessee. Goddesses Against Cancer will be raising funds for the Women’s Survivor Alliance.  They are an organization which helps women find a way to live life after cancer and chemo.  “It can be quite traumatic to walk free from the process of cancer, then you are left to your own and may not have the support at home or from friends to cope”. says Kolba, the creator, coordinator and sponsor of this event. Having Sonya be a part of this event is really wonderful.  When we heard about the bass which was being shipped to her, immediately we knew it needed to be in the show.  Sonya will be featuring the bass as she models as one of the goddesses.  “We think it is only appropriate for someone who is passionate about music, blessed with this opportunity to feature her in this event.”  The coordinators of this event has been fortunate with great support for this event has been fantastic.  Designers like Manuel, who designed jackets for Johnny Cash, Emmy Lou Harris, Keith Urban is having his protégé, Carols Bonola present his pieces on the runway. This is not your typical runway show, this event will feature live music with DNA Official Music and highlight Rocklin Guitar LLC Solstice bass with Sonya Nobles Dukett rocking it out.  We are pleased to have her be a part of this amazing event that will take place at Hotel Preston on October 4th.  You can also find Sonya with this amazing instrument in the Goddesses Against Cancer 2015 calendar, partial proceeds from the purchase of this calendar will help those with cancer who are struggling to pay their medical bills. LaCresha Kolba Photography is a Glamour and Boudoir Photography studio.  It offers a variety of empowering photography sessions for your personal needs.  These sessions can include hair and make-up where you can trust to look your best in our hands. For more information about Goddesses Against Cancer or LaCresha Kolba Photography you can visit their website at: www.LaCreshaKolba.com or give them a call: 615-939-1179. You can find more information about Rocklin Guitar LLC bass at: rocklinguitar.com