One thing many of us neglect, is self care. We have busy lives, picking up kids, running after deadlines, groceries need to be picked up and laundry that never seems to end. Taking time out for “me time” does not come across as attainable. How does one in the midst of the chaos we created find time for peace or meditation? The answer is not “just do it” that is not that easy.

First step is to schedule it, the second step is to follow through. That within itself is not easy, especially when your energy level is already at an all time low, kids need their baths and be put to bed. The one thing about finding a way into self care is making time for it, otherwise it will never happen. An end result of not taking time for ourselves is never good. It leads to exhaustion, sickness, over abundance of stress. If you have kids in your life, don’t you want them to live a healthy lifestyle? The best way to show them is by living a healthy lifestyle.

Want to do yoga? Take a class and follow YouTube videos at home and have your kids join you. Maybe you want to get into biking, running or water sports. Try to find a way to bring these activities into your lifestyle if you have not already.

The best way to get started on self care is by making it a priority, making time for it, and following through. I am the worse at this and in this fit4life fitness journey, I am going to try and work harder on following through.

Join me, will you? What do you want to do to begin establishing better self care habits in your life?