Ribs, Ribs, Ribs…

Now I have to say my brother is a Master Griller!  He rocks it out on the grill.  He makes ribs that made you want to lick the plate then lick your face.  Determined to give it a whirl he kindly shared his special secret rub and his way of making ribs.
I have done them in the oven and last night, on the grill.  Wow!  I cannot tell you how incredible good these things are and how well they come out each time.
Let me share with you a few little tips of my own, so you can too have eyebrow licking good ribs!

Find good ribs, something with some fat on it, but also a decent amount of meat.
Understand this will take time!  Don’t expect to put the rub on and then toss it on the grill – those babies need to marinate in that rub.  The longer the better, I would recommend overnight, but if you are doing this same day give them at least four to six hours.
It will take time to cook – over a low heat.  Don’t let that intimidate you, it is amazing what you can get done while things cook for an hour or two.  Take that time to put together some amazing side dishes or a dessert.
Lots of yummy BBQ sauce – find a favorite and smother it over those ribs. Not sure where to begin? Just pick one! There are a bunch of options out there and trying the different varieties gives you an excuse to keep making more RIBS!

Here are my ribs after I flipped them on the grill….they were SO good!  You can see the grill marks developing already and the meat is browning nicely.