Tennessee has an abundance of hiking trails, waterfalls and over 10,000 known caves. It has beautiful lakes, although and this state is a haven for anyone who enjoys being outdoors. Being in Middle-Tennessee there I find there is easier access to hiking trails compared to when I resided in Memphis. Within the city limits is Radnor Lake a beautiful and peaceful area of Nashville that was saved by the community. Years ago developers wanted to tear down the trees and build up the area with homes. People united to save this area and currently people who have homes that butt up to Radnor Lake leave part of their property to the state park to help preserve it.

Bells Bend is one of my favorite parks in Nashville. I treasure this space as many people who are from Nashville do not know it is here. Often I can go out to this park and be the only one there. If I do see cars in the parking lot most of the time I do not run into anyone. The trails are relatively flat and easy. The open fields gives the opportunity to see how big and beautiful the sky is as it stretches far and wide.

Majority of the parks in Tennessee are dog friendly. They do have the standard rules of keeping your canine critter on a leash and please, pick up after yourself and your dog. Preserve the trail to be in the condition you found it.