Join me on my fitness journey. I am not into weight lifting, but I believe they are important. My desire to incorporate yoga, healthy eating habits, resistant training and self care to bring myself to a healthier and more fit state.

I would highly recommend anyone who is taking on a new or a different fitness regimen consult with their doctor first. I once felt that I was beyond that necessary step. That I was stronger and knew better than what any doctor could tell me. Often I muscled through workouts and would continue to go through the ups and downs of weight loss and gain.

Then this past summer I was in a small car accident. Someone came along and pulled out and made an illegal left turn and drove directly into the front of my car. I was asked if I was ok by the insurance company and I honestly was not sure. Finally I could not ignore waking up to my entire right arm being numb. Finally, I got permission by my insurance company to go to a chiropractor. After several visits I was informed I had a weakened ligament in my hip that attaches to my spine.  This ligament has caused me a lot of severe discomfort and pain. This along with my other back pain my doctor has brought me down to the basics. My zumba class, my salsa class and training for my 5k is all off the table. I am now required to wear a brace around my hips, I am only allowed to walk, I am limited to half crunches and 30-45 second planks and upper body weights-limited to 5 lbs.

This is a new beginning for me. I am not sure I will be allowed to run the 5k I was training for in June 2018. I feel the long road ahead of me which was already going to be a challenge is now a difficult mountain to climb. I am trying to remain optimistic that I will be able to accomplish my weight loss and fitness goals with this slower pace and guidance from my doctor.