An artistic equine event where the competitor is combining gymnastics, athletic skill and the sport of horses in one event. A local arena hosted a Vaulting Competition in Murfreesboro, Tenn., at the Miller Coliseum this past weekend. I loaded my camera and went and checked out the event – below are a couple images from my time taking in the event.

Vaulting_006web Vaulting_005web Vaulting_004web Vaulting_003web Vaulting_002web Vaulting_001web

Unites States Team Roping Championships come to Murfreesboro, Tenn

The United States Team Roping Championships gallops back into Murfreesboro, Tenn., for their annual Eastern Regionals.  Teams from all over the country hauled their horses to this event to win and take home some prize money.

The team who competed and won in the #10 Gold Plus shared a prize of $10,880.  With a 34.37 on 4 that went to David Gaddis, from Canton, GA, and Denver Ivester from Clarksville, GA.  With prize money of that caliber on the line you know the USTRC Eastern Regionals was filled with solid ropers doing their best to get the best time to share in those high dollar stakes.

USTRC_017web USTRC_018web USTRC_019web

Equine Sports

Many people don’t realize that horses are well developed athletes in their own sporting event.  Whether it is Dressage, Team Roping, Endurance Events, Show Jumping, these animals are trained, conditioned and fed a specific diet to enhance their athletic ability.

Here are a few images from a Cutting Horse Show in Lebanon, Tenn., I attended for one of my 2015 writing assignments.

CMCHA_008web CMCHA_010web CMCHA_015web


Making a Change

LaCresha Kolba Photography will be changing their focus from Boudoir Photograph to Equine Sporting & Equine Photography.  While it has been a lot of fun and quite the experience empowering women by helping them recognize their own beauty, it is time to move forward.

While we may no longer specifically do portraits, however, there may be exceptions, we are looking forward to our new adventure in the equine world.

Check back with us and find out where our endeavor will take us!


Floral Bridal Looks – Nashville Boudoir Photographer – with Rachel

When you combine a fantastic Make Up Artist with the creative idea of LaCresha Kolba Photography the results are always interesting. One a rainy Sunday four models gathered to participate in a floral editorial photo shoot. Below are the results of our model Rachel from that session.

The studio in Green Hills, TN was overflowing with flowers and great anticipation. Once Caitlin, of Caitlin Hoffman Artistry, finished with make-up and hair on the models, LaCresha and Caitlin set to work together on floral placement. During this process they applied live flowers into the hair style for beautiful and unique hair styles. The end results were something spectacular and perfect for someone who wants a look which will make you stand out.



Nashville Boudoir FloralEditorialRachel_022_


Presenting Lacey

Lacey is one of the women in the Goddesses Against Cancer project.  She is a Mom of three kids!  Can you believe it?!
We had an absolute blast working with Lacey for this amazing project.  Her willingness to volunteer is allowing us to do this project and raise money for cancer patients who are struggling with their medical bills.
Caitlin of Caitlin Hoffman Artistry did her make up.  For this fantasy outfit we wanted to sass up this amazing vixen!  We did an extremely deep smokey eye on her to tie in with her very sexy outfit.  Lacey is a confident woman and graced this outfit we put together for her with grace.


LaCresha Kolba Photography Nashville Boudoir Adore

Photography: LaCresha Kolba
Hair & Make Up: Caitlin Hoffman – Hoffman Artistry
Lighting: LaCresha Kolba
Model: Lacey Haines


It is a blessing to be told how much one enjoys working with you after their photo session.  A client e-mailed me with the following,
“Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the shoot today you more than succeeded my expectations. This was hands down my best experience so far with my modeling venture, you are great! Y’all made me feel so comfortable”

That is what LaCresha Kolba Photography is all about, empowerment, building confidence and making your experience the best possible.  You can contact us to set up your amazing photography experience at:

Bass Magazine

It’s all about that bass…no treble…
That is what we thought when we met cancer survivor and goddess, Sonya.  She is truly a goddess with her grace, natural beauty and spunk!  She has recently received a sponsorship by Rocklin Guitars, with a gorgeous new bass!

We felt that great news should be celebrated and invited her to use the bass not just as a prop in her upcoming photo shoot, but also in the runway show itself.  I decided to take it one step further and share this news with Bass Magazine, who has decided to tell the world about our event!

Check out this link for full article…

Goddess – Nashville Glamour Photographer

Goddess Sammi

Goddess Sammi

We all have a little goddess which resides within us – join us and let us help you set her free!

During coordinating this event, Goddesses Against Cancer, we have been working with 12 amazing women.  They have been bold enough to wear goddess outfits which have been customized just for them for this project.  It has been a lot of fun to work with these women.  We hope you will join us October 4th as we support the Women Survivor Alliance.



Music City Youth Orchestra – Spring Jam

Music City Youth Orchestra is a local organization offering amazing opportunity to perform with a group of individuals in middle school and high school who enjoy string music.  These “kids” are immensely impressive with their talents and always perform their absolute best.
I have been fortunate to be blessed with the opportunity to volunteer with the Music City Youth Orchestra.  They are one of two groups which I spend my time to give back.

Here are some photos and a video snippet from their end of year concert, they called it a Spring Jam.  It was truly a high energy and incredibly FUN performance!!  Their conductor Elias gave them an intense work out with the pieces and he most certainly gave them all of his energy.  For the first time MCYO ensemble groups joined the orchestra on stage and truly gave an impressive performance.  The night grew with energy when violinist Tracy Silverman took the stage and perform with the orchestra.

Here are a few images from the performance:

MCYO LaCresha Kolba Photography





MCYO LaCresha Kolba Photography





MCYO LaCresha Kolba Photography






MCYO LaCresha Kolba Photography






MCYO LaCresha Kolba Photography






MCYO LaCresha Kolba Photography






MCYO LaCresha Kolba Photography





MCYO LaCresha Kolba Photography







MCYO LaCresha Kolba Photography







MCYO LaCresha Kolba Photography